Three Fun, Creative Ways to Save the Planet


Way too often, it seems that being green means paying an excessive amount of money to obtain something that, while being environmentally friendly, has simply no fun factor. There is more to being granola than simply having a backyard composter and recycling. Listed below are a couple of stuff that a really fun while still allowing you to save the environment.

1. Electric Cars

DTLA Nissan 3-2

Electric cars turn heads, and also save some costs on travel costs. Each and every them cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, either. Take, for example, the Nissan Leaf from Nissan Los Angeles. It has many of the features any urban dweller will need like a Bluetooth phone system as well as a rear view monitor, even though not only is the design adorable. Best yet, it still has enough power where you don’t have to be afraid to bring it on the highway. Find out more about the Leaf at

2. Upcycling

Sure, you can buy expensive furniture that claims that it is from all natural materials, or you might spend less while keeping older pieces out of the landfills in the first place. By doing a bit of searches with internet design pages, you can find approaches to use all kinds of older furniture and decorative items to make your home really special. You will get to be creative and in addition keep yard sale finds from becoming trash.

3. Shopping Bags

You don’t have to settle for whatever ugly reusable bags they are selling for a buck a piece in the supermarket. You will find tons of possibilities out there for shopping bags. You can buy one from the seller online with a marketplace such as Etsy. Those sellers would have bags available in various kinds of fabrics and designs. If you are good at sewing yourself, you can recycle fabrics and make bags yourself.

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