Mitsubishi Mirage Might Be The Car That You Have Always Dreamt Off


If the plan is for your teen driver to take some or all financial responsibility for her own car, the Mirage is actually a sensible choice. Not merely is it inexpensive to buy ($13,790 for starters, with a decent amount of standard equipment including air cooling), but it’s also inexpensive to operate, using a 5 year/60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty to cover any unexpected problems. Its tiny 3-cylinder engine produces modest power but remarkable fuel economy (44 MPG on the road! ), and it has seven airbags and surprisingly good crash-test results given its small size. Mitsubishi has even designed the front end for inexpensive repairs, with the idea of lowering collision insurance costs. Though the styling is a bit pedestrian (designed for cheating the wind rather than turning heads), the Mirage can be found in a palette of bright colors. It’s a great way to your teen to start taking on the costs of owning a car.

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