Local Escapes In SoCal

I’m sick of people saying that there’s nothing to do. Los Angeles isn’t one of the world’s most attractive tourist destinations only for Hollywood Studio and Boulevard tours. There is a lot more to Southern California than most people know, and it’s time those antsy and stir crazy folk do some exploring. I’m here to help you. There’s a lot to see that’s so close. That is the thing about Los Angeles that makes it so special. Before we start up a conversation of what to see, it’s important to know (and any other Southern Californian will agree) that you’ll need the right car.


The right car can be something comfortable, the one that gets excellent mileage, and something that offers you optimum safety. It also doesn’t hurt to become head turner, does it? That’s why the 2014 fleet of Dodge cars and trucks is incomparable. With inspired interpretations on beautiful designs and an array of standard safety features, this lineup of Dodges is the greatest ever! That’s saying a great deal, I know. The fresh new hybrid Dodge Durango is really a personal favorite of mine. It is comfortable and huge, with the power to take you anywhere you want to go. Combine that with hybrid technology that makes minimal impact on the environment and you have a vehicle that exemplifies all that you would need. To find the right Dodge, go online and search at either used cars costa mesa or http://mcpeeksdodge.com and get ready to perform some exploring.


Wine country

While a great deal of the more famous places are up in Northern California, Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez are mere hops, jumps and skips from downtown Los Angeles. Both of them offer exactly what you would like in wine country, with vast scenic vineyards and myriad choices for impeccable dining. Wine country is a great, local getaway to get a night of romance with that special person in your daily life. Having gone to many of the different California regions, my personal favorite is Santa Ynez. You will find fewer people and more selections for wine and food.

The beaches of Malibu

Malibu isn’t a household term for nothing. It is just a 30 minutes away from Hollywood and offers clean, beautiful beaches. Some are better than others, although malibu is home to dozens of beaches. There is food directly on the beach,. That’s zuma is a great place for people watching, and a nice thing about Zuma. Some of the other beaches don’t have restaurants within walking distance so when you decide which one you’ll visit, plan accordingly. My personal favorite is El Matador. That’s type of why it’s my favorite, even though it’s much smaller and consequently has far fewer people. If you’re exploring with youngsters, this may not be the best choice for you, It’s less accessible, and the currents certainly are a little stronger, so.


These are merely a few ideas on what the greater Los Angeles area has to offer, but there are truly countless more.

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