Idiots Guide to Car Maintenance

Lots of people are hanging on to their old motors more than ever. With this thought I’ve put together a few car maintenance tips perfect for the individual who . . . in an ideal world . . . . would simply book their car in for services somewhere. Non petrol heads read on . . . .

If your sparkling white car has dulled to mid-gray, the interior smells of the mixture between cigar smoke and wet dog and it also takes it a full a few minutes to achieve 60 miles one hour take heart – you are certainly not alone and this is designed for you. Research suggests that the average age of the private vehicles on American roads these days is more than 10 years and shows no indications of changing in the near future. Of course, to keep these motors on the road they actually do need a little maintenance and TLC.

Man Looking Under Hood

Follow the manual – you’ll probably find it in the glove compartment behind a dozen empty CD covers – it’s full of useful information in the manufacturer about your car. It’ll tell you by pointing out recommended maintenance schedule – these are not solely a method of ripping off unsuspecting car owners, they may be there to help you keep your car running soundly. These books have been lovingly and painstakingly made by the experts who know what they’re talking about, the people who designed the particular car you drive – the major cause of failure of engines and transmission is actually a case of simple neglect.

The importance of lubrication – lubrication is what keeps everything working efficiently. Most cars will have a stern warning light as soon as the oil level is getting a little bit low but don’t wait for that to take place – check oil levels regularly and top as needed. In the event it needs changing don’t use it off, although the synthetic oils available these days can last for 5,000, maybe even 10,000 miles between changes. Be aware of potential signals warning you about when you really need to change your air filters, fuel filters, top up your brake and transmission fuel etc – the warning signs are there for the reason . . . to warn you.


Check the pressures – maintaining the correct tire pressures will help prolong the life span of the tires and help you to maximize your fuel economy. The correct tire pressures will be in that book from the glove compartment – the manual.

If you don’t switch your wiper blades before they get worn it can cause a scratched windshield, and windshields can set you back a few hundred bucks at the best of times, Switching wipers -. Additionally, you will enjoy better visibility with good wiper blades. It is possible to protect them from the worst of the weather with old socks – no, it’s not a joke, put them on before the snow arrives and you’ll prolong the life of your wiper blades.


Keeping it clean – contrary to popular belief a huge rain shower is not exactly the same thing as giving your car an effective wash. Cars should be washed monthly at least, waxing the paintwork every 3 months will help you to protect it against rust and other corrosion. You should also keep your interior of your respective car neat and tidy with regular polishing and vacuuming.

Of course every maintained motor can still encounter problems. If yours is well past its use-by date then call in at Claremont Ford and check out their latest deals. Visit the website at to see what’s happening.

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