Ford On The Center Of SEMA 2004


If there was one single company with an overwhelming presence at SEMA 2004 in Vegas, that company would indisputably be Ford Motor Company. As a major sponsor of the show, the Ford name could stop being escaped whether you were inside or outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. Add within the grand Ford Motor Company “booth” bathed in blue and the substantial amount of new Mustangs scattered around the show and it is unmistakable that Ford came to play.

It could not have come in a more critical time for Ford, together with the launch from the mass-volume performance vehicle – the Mustang, happening at around the same time as the SEMA Show. The new Mustang represents an effort at capturing an entirely new audience for your decades’ old nameplate. The final few generations of Mustang haven’t exactly been recognized for their refinement, whether that be in suspension dynamics or interior quality. Instead, they used a big ‘ole V8 to get attention. As such, the Mustang hasn’t exactly attracted people interested in plush interiors or nimble handling.

Ford wants to change that somewhat with the new Mustang. They’ve started using a sleek exterior design similar to the first Mustangs. The interior also recalls the ‘Stang of yore, which means it’s a considerable boost from any of the most recent generations. The engines and suspension were also redesigned in an effort to step up the car’s quality image and expand enthusiasm for just about the most well-known brands in America.

Ford Motor Company at SEMA 2004

Section of the effort seems to be whoring out the ‘Stang to just about anyone who will tune it. You couldn’t turn around without seeing the retro-style Mustang anywhere at SEMA. Nowhere was that more evident than with the FoMoCo booth. On hand were no less than a dozen coupes, all tuned by various companies in an attempt to show just what can be done with Ford’s new baby. The bonspeed “Black Rose” added touches of red with an otherwise black vehicle, including buffalo-red leather. Of course, the Vortech supercharger, Borla exhaust, Koni shocks and struts, Eibach springs, and bonspeed 20-inch forged alloy wheels only back this horse’s evil looks.

The H&R Special Springs Mustang was “built for speed, and designed for quick handling.” That means a Flowmaster exhaust, H&R race springs and TCCC camber bolts, H&R sway bars – 38mm front and 25mm rear, Baer Racing Extreme-Plus brakes, and some custom suspension bits fabricated exclusively for this concept. The MRT Interceptor by Mustang Racing Technology features a custom intake valve and manifold covers by The Kandy Shop, a Paxton supercharger kit, custom CPR billet aluminum fuel rails, MRT Street Performance suspension kit and performance chassis components, and stainless steel brakes.

Roush Performance’s Mustang was certainly drawing its share of attention with its aggressive bodykit and rolling stock backed up by legit performance bits – including the Roush supercharger system with Eaton internals, Roush performance suspension (shocks, springs, sway bars and control arms, and Alcon and Roush brakes (14 inch front rotors, 12 inch rears).

Ford Motor Company at SEMA 2004

Land Rover showed off its new LR3 (replacing the Discovery) including a full set of available custom bits. All accessories will likely be sold through Land Rover dealers for people who truly do plan on taking these expensive beasts away from the beaten path. If you so choose, you may pick out an “A” frame protection bar, driving lamps, WARN winch, front and rear lamp guards, Expedition roof rack, raised air intake, raised access ladder, and Goodyear tires.

Since ditching its long-standard refrigerator-inspired designs, Volvo has been aggressively courting young and enthusiastic drivers. The new S40 and V50 compacts have only added an exclamation point out that pursuit, legitimately placing Volvo in direct competition with the Audi A4, Acura TSX, and BMW 325i. Perhaps the most visually attractive SEMA Volvo was the V50 SV wagon, produced by Volvo’s Specialty Vehicles department in Sweden and Volvo Concept and Monitoring Center in Camarillo, CA. The 2.5L turbocharged 5-cylinder has been highly tuned to your full 340 horsepower. The electronic all wheel drive and six-speed manual transmission round out this beautiful blue sportwagon’s drool-inducing package.

The Evolve S40 is the wagon counterpart for the V50, and it features a downright amazing 425 horsepower sent through a Haldex all wheel drive system. Making sure this silver bullet can be brought back down from speed, Evolve fitted the S40 with 15-inch disc brakes with 8-piston aluminum brake calipers. Two words: holy hell.

Ford Motor Company at SEMA 2004

First, unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, the Yamaha-designed-V8-powered XC90 gets a little bit more hot sauce for Vegas. The XC90 Power Utility Vehicle receives a lowered stance and aggressive bodykit, and also a highly retuned engine reportedly capable of a screaming 650 horsepower through a six-speed automatic and all wheel drive. Porsche Cayenne owners, be warned.

Whether or not any one of this ever makes it to showcase, one thing is obvious. Ford Motor Company is not afraid to enjoy whatever it will require to showcase the possibilities of their vast stable of products. From Volvo, to Jaguar, to Mazda, to Mercury, the Ford Motor Company booth was the place where dreams ran wild at SEMA 2004.

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